2017 Paracombe Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris

This may come as a surprise to some but, on the weekend I was speaking with a fellow who works in a Hobart bar and, dare I say it, the talk was about wine.  Something he said came as no surprise to me though.  Pinot Gris and Grigio seem to becoming more popular than SB (I don’t need to spell it out).  He didn’t hesitate to say how pleased he was that things were turning around.  I have to agree and the good thing is, there are some very good Pinot Gris (what’s plural for Gris?) around and the crew at Paracombe have this very good one in their stable.

It has a very aromatic and very varietal nose.  Pears aplenty and mouth-watering melons are offered up with a hint of spring flowers (very general I know, sorry).  Juicy delicious pears are obvious as the nose on your face when tasting it but this flavour is ably supported by some stonefruit characters, some pear skin texture and the faintest touch of spicyness.  A heads up; it’s menacingly moreish!

Paracombe Wines Website

Paracombe pinot gris

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