2017 LiNO RaMBLe ‘Simon Says’ Saperavi

I can’t help but mention the game that everyone is familiar with, ‘Simon Says’.  Everyone would have played it at least once in their life whether it be voluntarily or because your parents made you when you were a youngster.

My research tells me (google of course) that ‘Simon’ may be a fellow by the name of Simon de Monfort who, back in the year 1264, captured King Henry III at the Battle of Evesham.  Over the next year, if King Henry III barked an order it was possibly revoked by Mr de Montfort.  Unfortunately for Simon, King Henry III got his seat back on the throne thanks to some loyal supports who ‘did away’ with Simon (maybe because they got a little tired of doing what ‘Simon Says).

Now, I have no doubt if this Saperavi was around in 1264, and Simon said to drink it, things would have been markedly different for Mr de Montfort.

So, let me tell you that it has a beautifully deep, inky, glass staining colour.  The nose has fruits as black as the ace of spades and so delightfully intense and fragrant.  This is maintained on the palate too but add some silky dark chocolate and slightly powdery tannins and it all comes together as a bold,  glossy, deliciously drinkable wine.  Loved it to bits!

Lino Ramble Website

Region: Mclaren Vale, SA     Cost: $40 (Sorry, sold out)     Source: Sample

Lino Ramble Saperavi

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