2017 LiNO RaMBLe ‘Domino’ Montepulciano

Montepulciano! I love saying that word.  Try it.  Mon-ta-pull-chee-arno!!  And make sure you emphasise the ‘ar’ bit and use plenty of hand movements.  It’s quite invigorating, just like this wine.

How cool is it that you can get such an excellent example of a popular Italian variety in Australia?  Thanks to the crew at Chalk Hill for growing the fruit and the ‘cool as a cucumber Coppard’ at Lino Ramble for bringing it to the table, you and I get to enjoy it in the comfort of our own homes, in our favourite chairs and (may I suggest) a bowl of beef cheek ragout.

Pretty good nose for the intros.  Cherries, blackberries and cocoa powder kick things off.  Black fruits are loving the attention at the forefront of the flavours.  Juicy sweet/sour red cherries nudge in for a good look and the cocoa powder has turned into a lovely smidge of chocolate, filling out the palate.  The tannins are definitely not shy and why should they be.  They deserve to be a part of this show and they are there at the end while those dark fruits come back for an encore.  It’s pretty easy to want more of this wine as the night goes on.

Lino Ramble Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $40     Source: Sample

Lino Ramble Monte

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