2016 Rowlee Nebbiolo

I’m happy to admit I did not know what to expect when I poured this wine, for two reasons;  I’d not heard of Rowlee and Nebbiolo was not a variety my olfactory senses were familiar with.  At the very least I was off to a good, educational start!

Not knowing the variety very well, the colour surprised me.  Lighter than I thought it would be for a red wine but it was bright and glossy.  Sounds good but wait…there’s more.  A lot more.

The aromas tell me I’m in for something different and special.  The darker side of red fruits dominate here but there is a sort of citrussy character too.  Sorry, but I don’t know how else to describe it.

Dark cherries are generous on the palate but there is almost that sweet/tart flavour of fresh raspberries too.  Spice gently hustles in but only to link arms with the fruit and hold on as the tannins subtly kick in.  It offers plenty yet is easy to drink.


Region: Orange, NSW          Price: $40             Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine

Rowlee Nebbiolo

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