2015 Domaine Dawnelle Gloria Chardonnay

Michael O’Brien is the man behind Domaine Dawnelle.  Well he’s also the man in front and to the left and to the right of Domaine Dawnelle.  He does everything.  Well, I think he does because every time I see something on social media involving Domaine Dawnelle, there is Michael making, bottling, spruiking, selling or showcasing the wines.  Anyone would think he is/owns Domaine Dawnelle.  ‘Gloria’ is named in honour of his grandmother.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but Chardonnay seems to get left behind in the ‘white wine’ popularity stakes at the moment and I’ve no idea why especially when there are examples like this one out there.

Pale straw in colour is the first indication of its youthfulness.  Rich stone fruit aromas tell you it’s off to a starry ‘Chardonnay’ start and it keeps getting better.  That richness continues on the palate but it also seems delicate and restrained.  There are some tropical fruit flavours but they don’t dominate, a lovely creaminess and texture that reminded me a bit of macadamia nuts in liquid form but without the coarseness (try it and you’ll know what I mean).  Throw in some minerality, a nice dash of acidity and, Ta-Daa, you have a terrific, premium Chardonnay that has come together beautifully!


Region: Southern Tasmania     Price: $46     Source: Sample courtesy of Domaine Dawnelle (Photo is of the 2016 vintage)


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