2016 Trentham Estate Pinot Noir

Imagine if Australia and England turned up to a venue on day 1 and the pitch was all over the place.  The bounce was variable with the ball flying left, right and centre.  Heads would be shaking, huge sighs and questions asked.  Fair enough too.

On day 1, this wine was exactly like that.  All over the place, totally disjointed and quite scary actually so I stuck it in the naughty corner hoping it would pull itself together.

Day 2, totally different.  Considering the price of this wine, to be better the next day speaks loudly about the bargain this wine is.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complex wine but it is true to its variety.  Red fruits with cherries the main player.  Some spice/savouriness add value to a moderate length.  It’s pretty smooth too.  I think, if you treat it nicely, it’s a bargain for the price.


Region: Murray Darling               Price: $18                       Source: Wine Show Purchase


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