2017 XO Wine Co Single Vineyard Adelaide Hills Barbera

This is a nice little collaboration between Greg Clack and Kate Horstmann punching out a small bunch of low production wines that are impressive buggers…just like their makers.

Barbera loves the Adelaide Hills and I think the feeling is mutual.  It must be the elevation or the climate or the soil or the location.  I stand to be corrected but all of this sort of equals terroir.

We have all experienced and soaked up the petrichor (highlight, right click, hit ‘Search google for petrichor) that comes with the first rain after a long period of hot, muggy, dry weather.  It is such a terrific, fresh and satisfying feeling.  That is what this wine offers  when you pour it, smell it, taste it and drink it.

It’s a young wine to start with so there is a certain level of expectation when it comes to freshness and vitality, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Juicy berries galore, the spiciness level is perfect, the mid palate weight is complimentary and has good length to boot. Nice!!


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $32     Source: Online Purchase

Bottle photography as refined as your wine by CSP Creative

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