2016 Rowlee Single Vineyard Orange Chardonnay

Rowlee?  I have no idea where the name originated…and…it doesn’t matter.  The wine speaks for itself.  What must be highlighted is the vineyard sits at the same level as if you were three parts the way up Mount Wellington/Kunanyi in Hobart.

The aromas left me a little bit Mmmm.  It presented obnoxiously, like it knew it was good but you had to dig for the ‘goodness’.  Let me tell you, it is worth the perseverance.  Okay, it provides the usual characteristics of cool climate chardonnay.  Lovely stonefruit (thank you), a bit of texture is nice touch indeed (thank you again) with a lemony acidity adding some good, good length.  Lots to love!

It clearly states its youthfulness and its capacity to age but don’t be afraid to indulge now.  It will please the punter in both these locations.


Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $40     Source:  Sample courtesy of Define Wine

Rowlee Chardonnay

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