2017 Chateau Yaldara Pinot Gris

This variety is becoming popular.  Simple.  Some styles are simple. Expected.  Some styles are expected to be simple.  Not this one.

It didn’t get off to a good start I must say.  It seemed a bit, well, lazy.  Yeah, that seems the appropriate word.  I had to do a bit of work to lure some aromas from it but when I did it was quite aromatic and Gris specific.

No surprises when drinking this either.  Pears of course,  hint of spice a nice touch and dimension, and even though it sits at a very stylish 12% alcohol, there’s enough palate weight for it to sit proudly in the Gris spectrum even if it doesn’t give a normal Gris length.

This is a good wine and proved to be popular with our unexpected visitors the afternoon I opened it.  They, like me, were impressed and pleasantly surprised with the price too.


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $22     Source: Sample courtesy of Chateau Yaldara


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