2015 Tatachilla Sangiovese

Here’s an Aussie Sangio (that’s slang for Sangiovese just so you know) that sits pretty comfortably in its skin.

When my wife said she was going to build a bolognese, this just seemed the perfect ‘grab’.  Italian bolognese, Sangiovese wine.  They work well together, we work well together…and still do.  Perfetto!

I get frustrated when a wine is dubbed a ‘pizza’ wine.  I think we punters should be the judge of that especially when any wine could be a pizza wine.  This is so much better than that.

This is going to impress in a big way.  Freshness, juiciness and loads of appeal.  I’d give two thumbs up only I need one of them to help hold the glass.

Red fruits, bright fruits, juicy fruits and fun fruits.  Uncomplicated but uncompromising when it comes to flavour too.

The price is always going to be a cause for concern when it comes to quality versus dollars.  Breathe in, relax, breathe out, click, grab your wallet and proceed to checkout.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $25     Source: Sample courtesy of Tatachilla

Tatachilla Sangiovese

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