2017 Lowe Wines ‘Jodie Wilbertree’ Sparkling Rosé

I’m not boasting when I say this.  I’m only saying it to make a point.  I’ve had quite a lot of sparkling rosé in my time and not one of them has tasted or presented like this one.

I reckon the ‘packaging’ is so cool and so attractive.  If this was in a fridge at my local bottle shop, it would sell out.  Absolutely no doubt whatsoever.

It’s pretty lively when you pour it, smell and taste it.  Plenty of fizz but it settles in very nicely after it tickles your nose hairs.  Then it spritzes all over your palate, deliberately too I reckon.  It’s crunchy apple, it’s mellow strawberry, it’s crisp acidity and full on refreshing.  This is your summertime ‘stinking hot weather’ salvation.  Please do not let my glass become empty.


Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $22     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine


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