2013 Thistledown The Basket Case Old Vine Shiraz

I went to a wine tasting recently.  I know, I know, so what’s new?  Well for me, it’s these guys and their wines.  Unfortunately I didn’t try them all (and what I tried was mighty impressive) but I’m so so glad I tried this one.

I’ve no idea how long the bottle had been open but boy did it have a great nose!  I’m not talking Klinger from M*A*S*H ‘nose’, I’m talking ‘dive your nose into a basket of fresh dark berries’ nose.  I reckon you could pour this in a vegemite jar (clean of course) and it would shine.  Love a good start to a new wine.

It’s all black fruits, a bit of aniseed, savoury, soft flowing tannins and good length…but…a good ‘but’ though.  Here’s the ‘but’ bit;  it comes across as a big wine yet, dare I say it, iron-ish fist in a velvet glove (cliché, sorry).

I remember trying a Cabernet and two of their shiraz.  Impressive.  This one is very well priced and I reckon if you are patient, it’ll sit quietly until it scratches at your cellar door to be  let out and opened.  It has that personality about it.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $43     Source: Tasting

Thistledown Shiraz

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