2015 Serafino McLaren Vale Shiraz

Let’s be honest.  Shiraz is common when it comes to wine in Australia.  Very common.  So much so, when I go into a bottle shop, I’m sometimes tempted to put on an Akubra style hat with corks from bottles of Chablis to stop shiraz getting in my face.  Okay, that might be stretching the truth a little bit.  I actually don’t mind shiraz in my face…I’d even bathe in it when it is this good!

It hits the ground running with the colour and aromas.  When it was poured, my mate could smell the ripe black fruits and he was a couple of metres away!  Just gorgeous.  It doesn’t lose its stride when you taste it either.  It’s the upper end of medium bodied, a plumminess seems to fill out the palate and the fruit is so good, the tannins jut get a look in sharing the last bit of attention with the oak.

One for the quaffers, collectors and everyone in between, you really need to, at the very least, try this wine.  Mark my words, you’ll be going back for more.

P.S. James Halliday liked it so much he included it in his 2017 Top 100, one of only 8 Shiraz that made the list.  Says a lot I reckon.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $28 (bargain!)     Source: Friends

Serafino Shiraz

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