2017 Lowe Wines PF500 Organic Shiraz

The PF is pretty obvious; preservative Free.  But, it is also organically and biodynamically produced.  Vegan friendly too.  Maybe they could put VF on the label as well.

500?  That needs a little explaining.  The vineyard is 500 metres above sea level and some of the wine was put into 500ml bottles (great idea).  The other reference takes a little bit more to get your head around if you are not familiar with it.  500 is also the preparation used in biodynamic winemaking.  It involves putting cow droppings in a cow horn to ferment then burying it.  After that, it is sprayed on the vines.  Yep, it works.

I know this is going to sound obvious because of it being a 2017 wine but it’s primary in every way possible.  Fresh blackberry and blackcurrant fruit basket in a bottle.  Don’t panic, it’s not like drinking alcoholic Ultra C.  There’s a bit more to it than that.  It has more palate weight with some added herbal/spice/savoury dimension.  That’ll get you thinking when you try it.

Tannins are a no show here.  My opinion only of course but I don’t think they have a place with a wine like this anyway.

Put together a charcuterie plate, serve up spaghetti bolognese, give your guests some lamb koftas.  It’ll welcome them all.


Region: Mudgee  Price: $17 (500ml) $22 (750ml)  Source: Sample (thanks to Define Wine )


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