2016 Wobbly Boot Pinot Noir

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that people will be thinking or saying, “here he is again banging on about Tassie Pinot”.  Well, as a matter of fact, yes I am.

I was so impressed with the 2015 vintage I bought six of them.  I’ve been told by Lynda from Wobbly Boot that this is a better wine and, I must say, she is entitled to her own opinion…of course.

This is indeed a very good wine.  The worst part is I’m using ’15 as a benchmark for these guys.  Now, I wouldn’t say it’s better, but I’d have to agree with Paul (the other half of Wobbly Boot) and say it’s different.  Good different though.

Idiosyncratically Pinot Noir.  Dark fruits, definitely spicy cherries.  Tannins are tamed by the quite lush fruit and it sits on the palate like it’s waiting for the distracted stop-go sign holder to give them the go-ahead.  Thankfully, they are in no hurry.

It’s a delicate wine but also a bit robust like it’s pushing through the Pinot crowd but saying, “excuse me” as it makes it’s way through to the front row.


Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania    Price: $40      Source: Gift



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