2015 Hollick The Gondolier Barbera

This was one of three I presented to a group of punters at a barbecue.  The reason was to get a objective view of the three wines where food was also a player in proceedings.

This one got a few “oooooooohs” and “aaaaaaaaahs” from the group as soon as I poured it.  A whoosh of  black fruit aromas came out of the glass immediately!  I can’t take the credit for ‘whoosh’ and I doubt you’ll see it in conventional wine reviews.

By this stage the group were really getting into it!  A couple actually commented how they never really thought about wine properly until now (I did suggest to them to not get to into it too much, to just enjoy it).

I felt it was quite fleshy and comfortably ripe, a bit earthy too.  The word ‘aniseed’ was popular.  Blackberries and cherries for me and then I was told to write down ‘blood plums’.  Yeah, I can see that too.  Good pick up by the punters.

This was a brilliant discovery I must say.  I’m not going to say when I poured it in relation to the three wines but I am happy to admit to underestimating it.  It’s richer, bolder and brassier than I expected.  A damn good wine.


Region: Coonawarra     Price: $29     Source: Swap


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