2015 Tatachilla Burnt Souls Shiraz

This was one of three I presented to a group of punters at a barbecue.  The reason was to get a objective view of the three wines where food was also a player in proceedings.

Deep colour that prompted the expected, “This looks better (than the last wine).”  Fair comment.  You’d expect nothing less from Shiraz when plonked beside Grenache (taking nothing away from the Grenache of course).  There was also a “pretty purple rim” that was exposed by some late afternoon sunlight on the table.

There was not much ‘sniffing’ of this one.  It seemed the colour triggered the ‘taste’ prompter in the brain and almost everyone moved directly to sipping it.  I will say, it was ‘berry’ aromatic (no pun intended) and they would  not have missed that when they tilted the glass back.

Instant appeal all round. So much so, I sensed nobody wanted to move on to the next wine!  Well, I managed to get from them that they all thought black currants, plums got a mention, even choc coated raspberries was thrown in the mix.  For me I agreed with them but I didn’t get the last descriptor.  Add, a nice little complimentary oak ‘coating’ (for want of a better word) and it sits easily in the ‘crowd pleaser’ category.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $23     Source: Sample

Tatachilla shiraz


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