2016 Chateau Yaldara Foundations Grenache

This was one of three I presented to a group of punters at a barbecue.  The reason was to get a objective view of the three wines where food was also a player in proceedings.

There was not much said about the colour.  “Is it a pinot?”, “It’s a pretty colour isn’t it?”  I thought bright, clean and clear.

The “smell” responses were interesting.  “Is that strawberries in there?”, “No, you’re wrong. Raspberries.  Fresh picked. Love that smell”.  This told me the Grenache was on point.  True to the variety.

The proof is always in the pudding and that is where taste comes into it of course.

“It’s a light wine I reckon”, “You know those raspberry lollies we used to buy, it’s like that but not as sweet”.  They were right to a certain extent.  It appears light weight but I actually thought it had a bit of weight on the palate.  Yes, it comes across like raspberry lollies but, with some dark cherry flavours and a slight spicy/peppery edge, you end up with the ideal balance to that sweetness.

“It such an easy wine to drink” was another comment.  It is a delicious, slurpable wine and the 15% alcohol is not grandstanding at all.  Very nice thank you.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $27     Source: Sample


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