2017 Lowe Wines ‘Headstone’ Rosé

It’s no secret that rosé is on the comeback trail.  It’s been dubbed a “Rosé Revolution” if you like.

I can remember watching a documentary back before the Y2K panic when a group of winemakers, sommeliers and chefs got together and discussed this wine style.

One of the topics was, which variety is ideal for producing rosé?  Not that he was among the group, David Lowe realised more than one popular variety can contribute to a quality, delicious, dry, food friendly rosé.

The lightish salmon pink colour does not prepare you for what your smell and taste senses are in for.  Grenache is the undeniable star of the group.  Aromatic red fruits with a hint of savouriness on the nose and palate.  There’s a bit of body too which would have to be credited to the support roles of Zinfandel, Cab Franc, Merlot and Shiraz (apparently there is a white variety in the mix but I doubt that is the case).

Now, I don’t often find this in a rosé but it actually has a bit of length to it.  Seriously!

Definitely a leader in what I think is more of a rosé rampage.  There should be more of it.


Region: Mudgee     Price: $28     Source: Sample (thanks to Define Wine )

Lowe Headstone Rose

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