2016 Main & Cherry Adelaide Hills Sangiovese

A small family operation, alternate variety, amphora, 90 days skin contact, unfined, unfiltered.  There’s lots to love about this wine even before you undo the screwcap!

The inevitable happened next.  The screwcap became inexplicably loose.  Who would’ve thought?  I may have had something to do with it but um…let’s move on shall we.

Lookin’ smart, sharp, and bright, presentation is spot on.  Great start.  From there it just flows so easily into the aromas.  Attractive that they are.

It certainly makes its point at this stage of the game…tasting it that is. Fresh red berries, juicy dark cherries, not at all shy.  Very good palate weight and texture, brings everything into line nicely.  To finish it all off add smooth, svelte and satisfying.  A nice all round package.


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $25     Source: Gift


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