2017 Penley Estate Spring Release Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a grape variety that, sort of, gets treated like the poor cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon.  They are related but one is viewed as the King, the other…not so.

On this occasion, good ol’ Cab Franc has been treated very well, with respect and individualistically and boy does it shine in this role.

Straight up it’s as fresh as a spring morning after it’s rained on the raspberry canes while you’re still picking the fruit.  On the way back you stop off and pick some blackberries, add them to the mix and indulge in the aromas…because you can…and you take your time.

There’s no beg your pardons on the palate.  It’s up front about its fruit characters but it gives you some savouriness to support all that fruit.  Don’t go looking for any wood, timber or stack of kindling.  I doubt this was even walked past oak barrels or even the timber floor of a nearby homestead.

This has been put together oh so very well.

I checked the website but it’s not up there at the moment.  Do yourself a favour and give them a ring and get some of this…now!  It will, most certainly, sell out.


Region: Coonawarra, South Australia     Price: $35     Source: Courtesy of Penley Estate


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