2018 Grey Sands Romanesque

It is really difficult to have favourites when it comes to the Grey Sands wines.  As soon as you try one of their wines you may think, “This is my favourite.” But tasting another one of their wines, that thought soon disappears because you’ve discovered another ‘favourite’.  And it happens so easily when you sit down with Bob or Rita, or both of them, and taste through their range that you end up taking away a bottle of more than just one of your favourite wines.

I’m not sure exactly what this blend is, however, the first Romanesque started off as a Shiraz, Petit Verdot and Touriga Francesca blend, but Bob and Rita have been including Aglianico, Lagrein and semi dried Tannat also. It doesn’t really matter because here is a wine that exudes deliciousness for mine.  Lovely black berry fruits and dark cherry richness, there’s a slight savoury sort of edge to it too, while the tannins are fine as the wine finishes nice and long.  Now, I’d like to say this is my favourite Grey Sands wine, but then so is the…(insert any Grey Sands wine here and repeat).

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $45     Source: Generous gift

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