Clandestine Wines 2022 Rosé Releases

I didn’t realise just how long the Rosé style of wine has been around. Apparently, it all started way back in the B.C. times when, in southern France, they blended white and red grapes, and produced a ‘pleasant’ pink wine that was widely talked about around the Mediterranean. It was, and is known by other names too such as, blush wine (a long time ago), rosato (in Italy), rosado (in Spain) and, was even called ‘Claret’ in France at one stage and was quite a trendy drink.  As Juliet is sort of quoted as saying to Romeo in ‘that’ famous William Shakespeare play,

What’s in a name? That which we call a Rosé

By any other name would taste just as good;

Okay so it wasn’t quite like that but, even if the Rosés around today, these two included, were known by a different name, it wouldn’t change their appeal.

2022 Prosecco Rosé

I have to admit to being someone who was frightened by the word Prosecco. For me it meant ‘sweet’ and because of that, I avoided anything with the word on the label. Fast forward to today to a wine that is bright, zesty, with good flavour and drinkability, and the variety has a new fan. Flavours of strawberries dictate terms on the palate with a nice touch of lemon like acidity and finishing cool and crisp, ready for those casual afternoon catch-ups. Nicely done. $25

2022 Mouvedre Rosé

This is good…very good! I could leave it at that but there’s more I have to tell you about this Rosé. It’s a bottle full of red berry fruit goodness, mouth-filling texture, subtle oak and spice, a touch of acidity and finishing nice and dry. A delicious Rosé that provides flavour and freshness in equal amounts that will rate highly in the popularity stakes. $25 (bargain!)

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