2022 Castle Rock Estate Riesling Releases

I have briefly mentioned before that I was a hopeless social poker player (I haven’t played for many years). The reason being, I just can’t hide my emotions or keep a straight face. When I was pleased with the cards I had in my hands, I may as well have had a billboard on my forehead. Everyone would have known I had a good hand and I wasn’t bluffing.

There would be no hiding my emotions when tasting these wines in front of my friends. I have dimples and I reckon, after the first taste of each of these wines, they would look like craters! There’s no hiding the exceptional quality, there’s no hiding the amazing value and there’s no way I’ll be hiding my excitement. These two Rieslings are Aces in any pack and my advice, hold’em, don’t fold’em. They are definitely worth betting on.

Region: Porongurup, WA     Source: Thanks kindly to Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine

2022 Estate Riesling

The aromas are just beautiful! It’s a little floral but so citrusy and minerally and fresh and so delightfully attractive. Spend as long as you like taking in the aromas…I did. Intensely flavoursome on the palate it seems to keep on giving all the freshness and vivaciousness you’d expect from the citrusy characteristics of such a youthful expression of the variety. Limes, lemon sherbet, lovely distinct yet fine acidity and incredible length. Terrific! Price: $30

2022 ‘Skywalk’ Riesling

Similar on the nose to the previous Riesling, this one is also an aromatic delight. Again, freshness and youthfulness abound in spades. Rich in flavour on the palate, the citrusy fruit characters dominate (as expected of course) but such that it is all about the fruit flavours, and not the ‘acid attack’ you’d expect from a such a young Riesling, if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, the acid is present yet delicate and provides perfect support for the abundant fruit to the point of there being a textural feel to the wine as it finishes nice and long. Just as terrific! Price: $25

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