2021 Castle Rock Estate Pinot Noir

I was listening to the radio recently and the hosts were talking about the recently announced weather forecast which followed the news bulletin (the weather always seems to be at the end). One of the hosts mentioned how they always let us know which way the wind will be blowing. He then went on to quote a line from a Bob Dylan song and it went something like, “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.” To a certain extent, he’s right. Anyone can go outside, hold something light in the air and the wind will blow it in the same direction it’s travelling. It’s like someone telling me, before I even try this wine, that it is going to be an excellent Pinot Noir. I don’t need anyone to tell me that. I knew it would be!

I have a thing about the colour of Pinot Noir, and as this looked so pretty settling into the glass, it grabbed my attention immediately. The aromas are the perfect preface to what the palate will experience. There’s the freshness of strawberries and cherries, the subtleness of spices and a hint of herbs. The palate is complex, characterful, and flavoursome. Ripe strawberry and dark cherry fruit form a terrific base as it seems to continue to build the longer it lingered and ‘filled out’ on the palate. Complemented by some herbal notes and spice characters giving it a nice savoury touch, while the tannins are silky smooth. This is, hands downs, a lovely Pinot Noir.

Castle Rock Estate Website

Region: Porongurup, WA     Price: $40    Source: Thanks kindly to Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine

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