2022 Huntington Estate Nouveau (Grenache Pinot Noir Shiraz)

I have a mate I don’t see as often as I used to.  Almost every time he sees me, he asks, “What’ve you been drinking lately Mr Peters?” in his baritone like voice.  I start reeling off some wines I’ve tried and describing them to him.  Then, a smirk slowly appears on his face which he simply cannot hide.  It’s a cheeky smirk that tells me, he’s not that interested and, sure enough, he comes out with, “Mr Peters, it’s a consumable,” and then he chuckles to himself.  He used to get me every time but I’ve finally wised up to him, so we generally don’t get into that sort of tête-à-tête anymore.  I now just let him know if he would like a wine or not.  I will definitely be telling him about this wine.

Here’s a wine that is bright, fresh, fruity and fun, and so damn easy to drink! Rampantly rambunctious red fruits are the star of this show with fresh ripe raspberries, red cherry goodness and juicy plump strawberries in the mix. In support there’s a sprinkling of pepper, some ‘feel good’ texture and friendly acidity to bring it home. Gee there’s a lot to like about this wine and it’s going to gather a great following for sure.

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $32     Source: Thanks kindly to Huntington Estate

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