Clandestine Wines 2022 ‘Break Free’ Wines

Where I live, there is a spot that has been named Duck Park.  For fear of stating the bleeding obvious, it is all to do with the number of ducks that congregate in the area.  I can only assume they like the place because of the constant food supply from the locals and tourists who frequent the park. There also happens to be one bird that looks like a Great Australian Egret.  Although completely outnumbered by the ducks, every time I walk past the park, the Egret is hanging with the cool kids, looking comfortable, fitting in and seemingly totally oblivious to the fact he/she is different.

Natural wines, or wines as close to natural as possible, were, seemingly at one point, the odd ones out.  At the early stages, from my perspective anyway, they didn’t quite find their niche, did they?  It has now got to the point where they are definitely part of the wine landscape and can hang with the cool wine crowd.  And for many, they certainly provide an alternative from the ‘mainstream’ made wines.  This bunch from Clandestine Wines offer something for anyone and everyone, even for those who, like me, tended to be a bit wary of natural wines.

Region: Swan Valley, SA     Price: $30 each     Source: Thanks kindly to Clandestine Vineyards and Savvy Comms

2022 Petite Blancs

Quite complex aromatically, and a subtle richness to it too. The palate is quite inviting and equally intriguing.  Chenin Blanc dominant but small percentages of Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and Riesling all make a contribution. There’s apple and pear, a little musk poking through (thanks to the Gewurz influence), it’s textural with a touch of lemon like citrus on a lovely dry finish. This, for me, is the type of wine that if you have someone try it, without telling them its make-up, it would have instant appeal. 

2022 Deux Rebelles Rosé

There are plenty of aromas on offer but they are subtle, delightful and enticing. The palate is similar where there is a good amount of flavour on offer yet plays the ‘Rosé’ role so very well.  Red fruits and currants are the go with a nice touch of acidity and a lovely textural feel to finish. We are dry rose fans and this fits the bill perfectly. Gee we liked this…a lot!

2022 Nouveau Cabernet Franc

Now here is a Cab Franc that feels like it has had fun added during the ferment and could easily hang with the cool kids. It’s all about cherries, plums, berries and plenty of them. Add in a modicum of pepper and spice, some nice textural feels on the palate, and you have a fresh, vibrant and juicy number that is easy to like, easy to drink and easy to share.

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