2021 Serere Wines Whitlands Chardonnay

Your face is capable of so many different expressions.  In any one day, I reckon we must show so many emotions and feelings through facial expressions thanks, or not, to what we experience.  It could be something we see, are told, touch, smell or taste.  And when one, or more, of our senses is stimulated, people can generally pick our feelings about something by the raising or furrowing of our eyebrows, the screwing up of your nose or that face-filling smile.  If anyone was watching me as I tasted this chardonnay, they would know I was feeling pretty bloody good about it.

Aromatically, this wine stimulates the senses immediately with its youthful vivaciousness. It’s citrussy, minerally and a touch spicy on the nose, and it warrants some serious attention here.  The palate is quite rich yet so so elegant. The usual stone-fruit suspects to the fore, a creamy macadamia nut textural feel to it, lovely mouth-watering acidity and it lingers beautifully.  Nicely done, again, (winemaker) Joe Warren.

Serere Wines Website

Region: Whitlands, Victoria     Price: $45     Source: Online purchase (of sorts)

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