Domaine A and Moorilla Pinot Noir Releases

When I decided to sit down and have a look at these wines, I said to myself, “I’m going to check out the three pinots.”  I had a little chuckle to myself because it sounded like a movie title, you know, like the Three Amigos or the Three Musketeers (there were actually four, that’s always baffled me).  I envisage these three fine examples of Pinot Noir turning up to a dinner party that was floundering with wine choices, or a food/wine match that was sadly lacking.  Glasses, seemingly appearing from nowhere, being filled with the delights from the bottles bringing relief and pleasure to those imbibing in the feast.  Let’s see what each of these Three Pinots bring to the party.

Moorilla Website

Source: Samples thanks kindly to Domaine A and Moorilla

2019 Moorilla Praxis Pinot Noir

Three words: freshness, flavour and fun(k).  But that’s not all.  Hanging off these words is vibrancy, juiciness, personality and moreishness.  There’s nothing trying to be hidden with this wine from go to woh.  Everything is up-front without being in your face.  You know what you’re getting from the first smell and the first taste, seemingly dragging you into its bright and cheery world and you’re more than happy to stay there. Price: $33

2017 Moorilla Muse Pinot Noir

Two words for this one: Oh yeah!  Nothing is missing from this wine.  It’s brash while having finesse, it’s bold yet maintains elegance.  Plenty of dark fruit flavour on offer (while still sitting beautifully in the Pinot Noir world), a sprinkle of spice, juicy plum palate presence and lovely length.  And all of this seems to be on repeat as it keeps coming back to tantalise your taste buds.  It’s classy and mighty impressive. Price: $56

2016 Domaine A Pinot Noir

I only need one word: terrific! Alluringly aromatic, there’s plenty to like just from what wafts from the glass after pouring it!  The palate is rich, generous, balanced, velvety and long.  The abundant flavours of ripe cherries and dark berries seem to spread across the palate at a snail’s pace and are in no rush to leave. There’s also a delicate savouriness in support and the tannins aren’t shy either…in a good way.  A Pinot with poise, presence and persistence. As I said earlier, terrific! Price: $85

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