Grey Sands Pinot Blanc and Blanc de Noir

If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a favour and look up at the sky at night?  So many stars!  Some brighter than others, of course, but all shine and contribute to the wonder that is the Milky Way.  In the galaxy of wine producing stars in Tasmania, some stand out more than others for various reasons, but they all shine equally in Tasmania’s vinous constellation.

True vinous astronomers don’t look for the biggest or brightest.  They seek out the hidden stars, like Grey Sands, who may not shine the brightest but is a star in the Tasmania Wine Galaxy.

2018 Pinot Blanc

The nose is fresh, clean, slightly floral and a little citrus like.  The palate is the same but includes flavours of juicy peaches and pears, there’s texture and elegance, zippy acidity and finishing dry with medium persistence.  This has a lovely mouthfeel to it and seemed to open up more the longer it sat in the glass.  It was an easy decision to indulge in a follow up glass, just to check my notes of course. 😊

2019 Blanc de Noir

It’s hard to describe, but the colour is quite alluring.  It’s quite rich and complex aromatically.  The palate is the place for me though, where the complexity ramps up a notch or two.  Bordering on full bodied and youthful, all sorts of flavours and characteristics poke the palate into life.  Fruitful, thanks to ripe red fruits and cherries, and a pear flesh/juiciness character coming together nicely.  Texture and gentle acidity join the ride to the lengthy dry finish.  This is a lovely wine that just seemed to intrigue me more and more after every taste.

Region: Glengarry, Northern Tasmania     Price: $45 each     Source: Generous gift

Grey Sands Website

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