2019 Domaine A Lady A Sauvignon Blanc

The sea water in Tassie is freezing.  There’s no escaping or denying that.  As a kid, I’d watch as other people would walk slowly into the water so they could get used to it before going for a swim.  Me, I would run and dive in to get it over with because, once you got past that stage, it was so cool and refreshing on a hot Tassie day (yes, we do get those down here).

I’ve learnt to do the same when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc.  No point in procrastinating, no point in easing my way into it, just get in and try it.  With the pedigree and reputation this wine has, those thoughts shouldn’t enter my head in the first place.

Went it comes to this wine, it is more about complexity than freshness.  It shows typical Sauvignon Blanc characters, each in small quantities, such as; grassy notes, snow peas, and asparagus but also stone-fruits and a hint of citrus too.  The palate has flavour richness, elegance, balance and terrific length.  There’s some lovely texture too with delicate acidity playing the perfect supporting role.  With time, it seemed to flesh out and develop even more delicate yet intense richness of flavour and, sat longer on the palate too. 

This is not the first Sauvignon Blanc I have tried but, from memory, it is certainly up there as one of the best I have tried.

Domaine A Website

Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania     Price: $66     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Domaine A

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