2019 Mapleton Vineyard Riesling

Gospel music. Admittedly not my go to music genre. However, you can’t but appreciate how the whole church congregation gets involved, and it is easy to understand why. The songs are usually catchy, so upbeat and lively, and of course, involves plenty of religious words like, ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ and ‘Hallelujah’.  Those in the choir are usually very good singers too, which helps.  If you are in the congregation and not a good singer, it’s okay, nobody will notice.

The first time I tasted this wine I was with a small group of Riesling loving friends.  I’d like to tell you that we all broke out in song about it, but that was never going to happen.  We did, however, sing its praises with statements that included, “god this is good” and “Jesus!” (with an excited inflection). The second time I tried it, very recently in fact, it was served to me blind, and my thoughts remain the same. This time I will say though is, thank God for Riesling!! 

Please, let me to you about this wine. The citrus aromas are lively, fresh, and juicy.  This continues on to the lovely limey palate, with a touch of lemon and green apple like crispness, and lots of flavour while maintaining poise.  There’s some soft citrusy yet mouth-watering acidity and, to cap things off, it finishes nice and dry with very good length.  Seeing as it is Easter, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus served this up at his last supper.

Mapleton Vineyard Riesling

Region: Coal River Valley, Tas Price: $35 Source: Tasting

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