2018 Angullong Pinot Grigio

This time of year can be quite frustrating.  The days are still nice and warm (when I get the opportunity to leave the office to find out) and it’s still sunny when I get home, but there’s a bit of a cool breeze coming off the Derwent River.  As much as it dampens the desire to sit out on the deck, it doesn’t take away the need for an end-of-the-working-day, satisfyingly de-stressing white wine…and I think I’ve found one that fits the bill easily.

The nose was a little subdued, but with a bit of coercion came pears and slightly floral aromatics.  Juicy pears present on the palate, citrus notes too, texture gives it some good mid palate weight, plenty of flavour on the finish, although it does fall away reasonably quickly.  For me, this sits easily in the ‘go to’ grigio category.  There wouldn’t be many unhappy punters in the crowd if you poured this for them on a warm sunny afternoon.

Angullong Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $20 (good value)     Source: Sample courtesy of Angullong Wines and Define Wine


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