2017 Maclean Bay Pinot Noir

Quite often I’ve read about doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and others in similar professions buying or establishing a vineyard as an investment and/or tax write off.  I have nothing against them (as a matter of fact I thank them) for doing so because there are some damn good vineyards producing very good wines thanks to these people.  However, considering the old saying of, “if you want to make a million dollars in the wine industry, you have to start with four”, this decision has me scratching my head a little.

Anyway, with Maclean Bay, two mates with the same interests, red wine and the East Coast of Tasmania, decided to get into the wine industry.  Scott Williams and Simon Will leased the north-east facing Diamond Island vineyard, established in 2002, and released their first wine in 2015.  The vineyard is situated 10 minutes north of Bicheno looking over, you guessed it, Maclean Bay.  I know the area and it’s a pretty spectacular part of our island state.

Looks great in the glass.  A good start thanks to a definite pinot nose.  Cherries, a tad savoury with a hint of (toasted?) oak.  It has a very interesting, beguiling palate.  Medium bodied, dark cherries, some blackberry influence, sweet/savoury characters nicely balanced by a little bit of spice.  It fills out the mid palate beautifully for me and finishes nice and smooth with pretty good length.  I have to say, this is a very good pinot noir for the price.

And congratulations are in order as well.  This wine recently picked up a silver medal at the International Cool Climate Wine Show and a bronze medal at the Tasmania Wine Show.

Maclean Bay Wines Website

Region: East Coast, Tasmania     Price: $33 (Great buying)     Source: Purchase


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