2017 Matriarch & Rogue ‘Jean’ Malbec

If I asked most of my group of friends which six grape varieties make up a traditional Bordeaux blend, like me, they would probably be able to name four of them.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc (that may stump a few), Merlot and Petit Verdot.  Malbec is the fifth and sort of forgotten one in the scheme of things.  The sixth one, Carménère, is rarely used these days so everyone would be forgiven for not knowing that one.

What you may not know as well is, all of these grape varieties have there own ‘day’ of the year (here’s a calender from the Travelling Corkscrew Website that’ll help you remember those special dates).  To make things a bit easier for you, 17 April is World Malbec Day.  Lock that date in your diary at that very least.

A lovely deep colour, wow!  It smells juicy, fruity and delicious!  I like where this is going.  Dark cherries, mildly spicy plums and blackberries are there when you taste this medium bodied beauty.  Lovely gentle tannins do a great job on the reasonably long finish but it’s the fruit that seems to hang around the longest.

Don’t wait until Word Malbec Day to try this one.  While the weather is still good and families and friends gather on back verandahs for barbeques while taking advantage of daylight saving, get some of this and pour it liberally in glasses (for the adults of course).  And we can’t not mention the Bronze medal it won at the 2018 Clare Valley Wine Show!

Great Aunty Jean, for whom this wine is named, would be mighty proud to have her name on this.

Matriarch & Rogue Website

Region: Clare Valley, SA     Price: $28     Source: Generous gift, thanks Marnie




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