2017 Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Mourvèdre

If you’re keen to try a damn good Mataro or a Monastrell, get your mitts around a bottle of this Chapel Hill Mourvèdre.  It may or may not come as a suprise to you, but they are one and the same grape variety.  Mourvèdre is the French take on it while Mataró and Monastrell are the Spanish versions.  I much prefer saying Mourvèdre because it seems so ‘beaujoire’ than the other names, don’t you think?

Big, beautiful aromatics!  Pretty full on, but subtle dark fruits with quite a pretty, perfumey note.

Tasting it; Wow!  Again, it’s pretty full on yet doesn’t quite hit the full bodied barrier. Mind you, it’s brilliantly fruited (if that’s a word) to carry all that ‘weight’ if you like. Blackberries, spicy dark cherries with some blue fruits spreading across the palate.  The fruit tames the tannins very nicely as it saunters it’s way to the back of the palate.  It almost seems like it’s a lazy wine and I mean that in a good way.  It’s like it’s thinking, “This is me, I’m good, I’m nice, now over to you” sort of thing.  It is all of these and very easy to like.  I only wish it was in  a magnum (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Chapel Hill Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $33     Source: Swap


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