2018 Natural Wine Co. Organic Shiraz

The topic ‘organic’ came up in an overheard conversation at work the other day.  One  view was, “…oh it’s probably only a trendy marketing thing with a lot of stuff so they can up the price.”  Now, I didn’t enter the conversation because, for starters I wasn’t part of it from the beginning, and the person making the comment was actually eating a packet of, get this, dried organic raspberries and drinking something with ‘kombucha’ on the label.  There was much I wanted to say including that when it comes to ‘organic’, it’s not about the cost to the producer.  To them, it’s about the end product.  From my understanding, and I may well be wrong, it is as close as possible to a true representation of what it is you are eating or drinking.

This wine, and the others in the range, are organic, low intervention, vegan friendly, preservative free wines and low in sulphur.  All are made to be enjoyed straight off the bat and they have hit the mark with these wines perfectly.

A brilliant bright yet deep purple colour.

This is going to sound odd, but on the nose it reminded me of the rich dark organically fertilized loam I bought heaps of when I sowed my lawn.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a good ‘aroma’ I reckon but maybe ‘black moist earth’ would be a better descriptor.  It does have some black fruit aromas as well, some aniseedy notes give it nice touch here too.

Stewed blackberries (not sweet or jammy in any way), a juicy plummy character fills out the palate easily and that aniseed note on the nose appears in the flavours also but only like a ‘high-five and low-five’ is exchanged as they cross paths.  Lush and smooth on the finish with little tannin influence, this is a very easy drinking bargain shiraz.

The Natural Wine Co Website

Region: Canowindra, NSW     Price: $18     Source: Sample courtesy of The Natural Wine Co and Define Wine

Natural WC-shiraz-bottle--372x600

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