2018 Natural Wine Co. Organic Rosé

Rosé has become increasing popular in our home, even during the winter months.  The grape varieties being used to produce different styles seems to be growing every year, and Rosés are taking up a lot more space on bottle shop shelves and in fridges.  We tend to gravitate towards the dry styles regardless of what variety it has been made from.

This one is made using Sangiovese fruit and I’m beginning to think the variety is perfectly suited to Rosé.  And, when you say Sangiovese Rosé, it seems to roll off the tongue so effortlessly.

Strawberries shine on the nose and it’s a little bit floral too.  Straight up, I’m going to say it’s delicious to drink.  Those strawberry characters present here too, blood orange/citrusy note plays a part and there’s a brighter red fruit influence making it fresh and lively.  There’s the added touch of texture as it slips over the tongue and disappears from your mouth.  A second glass was a no-brainer.

The Natural Wine Co Website

Region: Canowindra, NSW     Price: $18     Source: Sample courtesy of The Natural Wine Co and Define Wine


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