2018 Natural Wine Co. Organic Sauvignon Blanc

I was really pleased to see this wine (among a couple of others from these guys) arrive at my home.  I was lucky enough to try the last vintage and, for someone that tends to avoid the variety, I was impressed to the point of saying, “My eyes are now open to Sauvignon Blanc”.  I approached this wine with a positive attitude.

It’s a fruit salad nose with passionfruit and a hint of banana thereabouts.  On the palate it sort of took me back to the good ol’ tub of two fruits.  Peaches and pears in their syrup sort of thing with a delicate herbal influence.  It comes across textural and skinsy and, I want to say grapefruit but I’m doubting myself because it’s not what I’ve come to expect in Sav Blancs.  It has more of a dry finish and the fruit flavours hung about for a bit too.

If you’re drinking Sav Blancs from across the Tasman, leave them on the shelf, find this one and give it a go.  It offers so much more…and it’s Aussie.  😉

The Natural Wine Co Website

Region: Central Ranges, NSW     Price: $18    Source: Sample courtesy of The Natural Wine Co and Define Wine

Natural WC-sav-blanc--408x600

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