2018 Yalumba Y Series Whites

I don’t mind confessing to always keeping an eye out for the release of this range every year.  They are reliably varietal, they generally never fail to impress and you can put plenty of them in the fridge without making much of a impact on the bank balance.


Australian Riesling.  God we are lucky aren’t we?!  There is so much good stuff around.  When you can find a bottle for under a tenner (normally $15 which I’d still be happy to pay) that is as good as this one, we don’t have much to complain about now do we.

This is definitely varietal and delicious to boot.  Lemons and limes ring all the citrusy chimes.  There’s some grapefruity zest that adds a thirst for more and there is no sense in fighting it.  This is to be simply enjoyed, and not in a sophisticated way.  And at the price, any day of the week, any time of the year, with food and friends or whenever.  It’s that type of ‘easy’ wine to drink and enjoy.


If there was ever a Chardonnay that is going to get the doubters back into this variety without having to open their wallet too wide, this is it.

It’s dripping with Chardy characteristics and it seem to continually remind you of this.  Juicy fruits of peaches and spicy pears with a dollop of cream sums it up for me but there’s a end note of acid and texture I think, that carries it through on the finish very nicely.

Bargain Chardonnay even at it’s normal RRP.  Stock up for summer.

Pinot Grigio

You can certainly tell this is in the grigio/gris family when you take in the aromas of this wine and I mean that in a good way.  Same on the palate with this too.  There are pears playing the main part as most would expect but add in some pleasant ‘apple skin’ textural appeal and it’s a very neat package for the money…a very neat package all round actually.  It’s bound to be a crowd pleaser.



This is very good.  For around the $15 mark, this is ridiculously good value.  Unmistakably viognier with apricots aplenty with bit parts from other stonefruits and almond characters adding to the overall ‘wholeness’ of the wine.  It’s a little bit skinsy, a little bit textural and a whole lotta flavour.  It finishes so delicate and soft but it just keeps going.  If I had to pick a favourite, this would be it.  Imagine what the Eden Valley & Virgilius will be like! Can’t wait to try those.

Sauvignon Blanc

I won’t go into the reasons but it was suggested I try this wine and I don’t mind admitting to being pleasantly surprised.  Not a lot presented aromatically for me but it makes up for it on tasting.  Capsicum, (subtle) asparagus and dried Italian herbs, there’s a citrus character that gives it freshness and a lift.  It has sweetness to it, as I expected for the variety, but it certainly wasn’t a dominant trait.  No doubt about it, it’s a very easy drinking Sav Blanc.


Yalumba Website

Region: Various     Price: $15 (Can often be found on special)     Source: Retail Purchase


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