2018 Yalumba Y Series Sangioves Rose

When I walked into the bottle shop to buy this Rosé, the young lady commented about how much Rosé she has been selling of late.  Then she asked me why I picked this one out of all the ones she had in the fridge.  The answer was simple; I’ve heard good things, read good things and it has the ever reliable name ‘Yalumba’ on the label.  There were some other reputable names in the fridge too I might add but today, I was focused on one.

It lived up to the hype that’s for sure.  It’s deliciously delicious and scrumptiously scrumptious.  That about sums it up really.

Okay, more information for those who have come this far.  It has attractive aromas straight up.  It’s a little bit floral with strawberries doing a ‘Rocky’ at the top of the stairs.  There’s plenty of flavour on the palate where more red fruits are dominant (I could almost say concentrated but it’s more tamed than that) and a ‘fruit and vanilla ice cream’ texture finish things off very nicely.

I said this very recently, but I will say it again, Sangiovese is ideal for Rosé and this bargain example consolidates that…in my humble opinion.

Yalumba Website

Region: South Australia     Price: $13 (bargain)    Source: Retail Purchase

Yalumba Y Sangio Rose

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