2018 Castle Rock Porongurup Riesling

When I received this Riesling it made me wonder how many I have tasted from the largest state of our nation, Western Australia (WA).  I don’t think it’s many and I’m not sure of the reason.  The only excuse I have to offer is my access to examples from Tasmania, Clare Valley, and to a lesser extent Eden Valley here in Tasmania.  It’s clear from the quality of this one, WA may not sit in the shadows of the more noted areas for this variety much longer.

Fresh, lively and beautifully aromatic.  Citrusy but lime dominant with some floral scents lingering.

It’s all about limes on the palate too but it offers more than that for a riesling.  It was like I was having riesling sorbet but not as cold.  It had that smooth crunchiness with everything a riesling had to offer with an added texture, if you know what I mean.  Then, as you get to the point where it melts in your mouth, there’s a big hit of flavour and you can’t help but let it just melt away on your tongue letting the warmth of your mouth decide it’s destiny.

A fine looking Riesling indeed and the price makes it even more attractive.

Castle Rock Estate Website

Region:  Porongurup, WA     Price: $25 (Bargain)     Source: Sample courtesy of Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine


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