2018 Matriarch & Rogue ‘Dot’ Clare Valley Riesling

This is a great story.  I loved reading about the name and the labels.  So, in a nutshell, Matriarch(s) refers to the 5 sisters who lead the family.  The Rogue(s), the husbands of those fine ladies, were apparently “scallywags” (now there’s an endearing term of years past) but very supportive of their wives.  You can also tell by reading about all of this, and by tasting the wine, just how passionate the winemaker Marnie Roberts is about her Matriarch and Rogue range.  And son Oscar (a possible future scallywag) has contributed to the labels colour and subtle flair which can not be overlooked.

Now let me tell you about the wine.

Green apple dominant nose with a hint of lime.  It smells nice and juicy and, to use a technical term, yummy.

A crisp ‘apple acid’ palate, minerally and slightly textural too.  The more I tasted it, I sensed a very clean and pure wine in a way that I could tell it was all about the fruit telling you about itself.  Sounds odd I know but that’s how it seemed to me.  The finish is dry and maybe only medium in length but certainly enough to grab my interest, keep it there for a while and had me going back for more.

I am so pleased to have been give the opportunity to try Marnie’s wines.

Matriarch & Rogue Website

Region: Clare Valley, SA     Price: $25     Source: Sample courtesy of Matriarch & Rogue


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