Matriach & Rogue Montepulciano Duo

Montepulciano is kind of a small place in the southern part of Tuscany, Italy.  Actually, with a population of 13,984 (about 4 times that of the Clare Valley) it can’t really be called small I suppose.  Anyway, what may come as a surprise to you, because it did for me, is the Montepulciano grape is not grown there.  The town is known for Vino Nobile which is predominantly Sangiovese, whereas Montepulciano vines are grown mainly in the central west and southern parts of Italy most notably, Abruzzo.

2017 By M&R Montepulciano

The fruit for this wine was sourced from the Riverland in eastern South Australia.

It’s a bit shy on the nose only giving hints of what’s in store.  Fresh, juicy, fruity, mouth-filling and delicious.  Darkish fruits with some subtle red fruit influence, delicately savoury and deliciously plummy on the mid palate.  The smooth tannins play it cool at the finish because they know it’s all about the fruit with this moreish wine and the 14% alcohol is not noticeable at all.  This is a quality wine for a measly $22.00!

2016 ‘Jim’ Montepulciano

The fruit for this wine was sourced from vineyards in the Clare Valley, South Australia.

The first thing I’m going to say about this wine is, I don’t think they’ve priced it correctly.  Here I was thinking the 2017 was great value, then I go and taste this one!

What a deep, gorgeous colour.  Terrific amalgam of dark fruits on the nose that burst from the glass.  It has similar flavours to the 2017 but everything goes up a notch or two.  Rich, ripe plums, blackberry, a little bit earthy maybe and spicy and it has a smooth almost creamy feel on the finish with the tannins playing a bit part.  It wasn’t a difficult decision to indulge oneself and have a second glass.  Very good drinking and excellent value at only $28.00!

Samples courtesy of Matriarch & Rogue



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3 Responses to Matriach & Rogue Montepulciano Duo

  1. Stephen Block says:

    Mate – where have you been over the last 20 years? WA riesling has been up with , or even ahead of the pack for a long time….


  2. Stephen Block says:

    Sorry – this comment applies to the Castle Rock riesling.


    • Tony Peters says:

      Unfortunately Stephen, we hardly see any WA rieslings in Tassie. If the Castle Rock is anything to go by, I wish we did! Out of curiosity, how many Tassie Rieslings do you see in WA? I’d be interested to know. Regards, Tony


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