2018 Huntington Estate Pinot Noir Rosé

Rosé can no longer be taken lightly in the world of wine in Australia.  Because of the current and unrelenting popularity, many producers are putting one into bottle.  As a result, there are many hitting the bottle shop shelves these days.  As I have said before, it’s a good thing.

I’m sure there are others, but I don’t know of any other producer that has had a rosé, and a popular one at that, in their range for 30 plus years like Huntington Estate.  I reckon that’s fantastic!!  Cheers to Tim and the team.

Fresh as the vintage would suggest. Red fruits and, in my opinion, there’s a subtle citrus hit too.

Raspberries, sour cherries, slight dried cranberry sweetness giving balance, lively acid finish and those fruits don’t let go either.  Add to this the fact it’s a dry and elegant rosé, this is going to get a lot of attention with the warmer weather not far away.

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $23     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine and Huntington Estate



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