2018 Wobbly Boot Riesling

Young Riesling is, as you would expect, energetic, lively and not shy at all.  This also describes Paul and Lynda Williams, the owners of Wobbly Boot Vineyard.  They love talking to everyone about their wines and their enthusiasm is infectious.  They have a great, informal style cellar door and, if you have a pet, they will be just as welcomed and given just as much attention.

Paul loves Riesling.  So much so, he decided to plant some a couple of years ago.  He did the smart thing too.  To make sure he planted the right clone that would do well on his property, he asked his ‘riesling growing’ neighbours.  As a result (roll of the drums and the clang of a symbol) they have their first Riesling in bottle after only two years.

I had the pleasure of being there when it was released and I must say, for such a young wine from very young vines, this hits the mark for me.

Light straw in colour.  It was a bit closed on the nose but give it a good swirl and you’ll get lemon tart aromas and that had me and my wife very interested.  Citrusy on the palate, of course, with the usual suspects of lemons (mostly) with just a hint of limes.  There is softness to the palate, almost a textural feel to it as well and the acid seems so delicate for such a young wine.  This is looking good already and is on my list as a ‘must’ for summer drinking.

It’s not available on the website so click on the link below and contact them.  There were only 1210 bottles produced.  I saw how many were snapped up when it was released and, when word gets out, that number will reduce pretty quickly.

Wobbly Boot Website

Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania     Price: $32     Source: Cellar Door Purchase


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