2016 Grant Burge Nebu Cabernet Shiraz

This is a new wine to the Grant Burge range and it sits in the Icon Wines section.  I have to say, I can definitly understand why.  This is delightful even at such a young stage of its life.

In case you were wondering, and because I was, Nebu is the Egyptian symbol for gold.  I won’t bore you with a details of the symbol but what I will say is, if I was judging this wine, I’d give it 18.5/20 and if my memory serves me correctly, that’s GOLD!!!

Darker fruits and youthfulness dominate the nose.  The palate will give you plenty of blackcurrants, juicy plums (loved what they offered here), dark cherries (yep, true), some lovely creamy vanilla oak and the tannins adding great support.  It had been open for about 5 hours before I got to try it and I was clearly the beneficiary of this ‘airing’.  It had settled, everything was integrated and it was still fresh and approachable.

I’ts pretty full on in fruit flavours from start to finish and I think it is unashamedly so.  I’m guessing it’s built to immediately impress with its juicy upfront fruitiness but still has the tannin structure to sit in a dark corner for a few years.

Grant Burge Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $85     Source: Right place, right time.



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2 Responses to 2016 Grant Burge Nebu Cabernet Shiraz

  1. Joshua Tree says:

    Actually according to Grant Burge “Nebu” is an abreviation of Nebuchadnezzar 2 the powerful Babylonian monarch


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