2010 Patrick of Coonawarra ‘Grande Reserve’ Cabernet Sauvignon

When this wine appeared at a tasting recently, I said nothing else to those in attendance except, “put that one aside and try it later.”  A couple of people went home but the majority stayed and they remembered what I’d said.  Well, let me tell you, those that hung around were mighty impressed.  Some of the expressions were; “Oh, that’s beautiful”, “What vintage is that again? (response, 2010) You’re joking me”, “Is that cab sav because I don’t like cab sav but I really like that”.

For fear of stating the obvious, I didn’t taste this when it was made.  Very few would’ve.  I can only imagine how tight and tannic it would’ve been.  Thankfully, Luke Tocaciu and the crew saw it fit to let it bottle age for as long as the bank manager would allow and release it with some, albeit little in the scheme of this wine, bottle age.

This has everything on the nose and palate.  Still primary in almost every aspect.  If there was one hint of age, and I seriously mean one hint, it was the slight brick red rim when I poured it.  That’s where the age characteristics end.

Rich and, dare I say it, classic Coonawarra (minus the minty/leafyness).  Lots and lots of plush, juicy blackberry and blackcurrant fruit characteristics are doing a great job of carrying the 100% new oak that it spent 40 months in.  It sits so lusciously and long on the tongue it’s incredible considering its age.  It’s a keeper that’s for sure.

Patrick of Coonawarra Website

Region: Coonawarra, SA     Price: $125     Source: Wine Show Tasting


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