2017 Taylors ‘Taylor Made’ Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is such a fickle bugger of a thing.  It doesn’t matter what price it is, it can create so many headaches for the winemaker (not forgetting the consumer).  Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t any good they wouldn’t go to the trouble of putting it into a bottle.

This is almost chivalrous in its demeanor.  It seems so polite, inoffensive and generous plus I have no doubt it’ll open the door for you when you turn up at the Taylor Cellar door (okay so I may have exaggerated a little there).

Cherries and cranberries on the nose get this started.  It smells fresh, simple as that (but it is not a simple wine).

These flavours flow through on the palate so easily you don’t have to think about it for too long.  It has nose to palate seamlessicity (that’s my new, made up word. You’ll know what I mean).  Sweet/sour cherry notes, raspberries and freshness are the key holders here.  They are the leaders without being the boss.  It’s a damn good drink for the money.

Taylor Made Wines Website

Region: Clare Valley, SA    Price: $25     Source: Sample

Taylor Made PN

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