2017 Hughes & Hughes Chardonnay

Tasmanian varieties and styles such as Sparkling wines, Pinot Noir and Riesling have inadvertently developed a high level of popularity while varieties like Chardonnay seemed to have almost been forgotten.  Not entirely but almost.

Take a whiff and flinty characters (like someone just struck a match) and stone fruits are certainly to the fore here.

I think the palate is where this shows its best.  Nectarine and peach characteristics are what I found and I can tell it’s great fruit.  Terrific texture and weight on the palate and nicely integrated lemony like acidity.  It all just seems to keep folding into itself and spreads across your taste buds.  Now I don’t think it’s built for the long haul but that doesn’t matter.  It’s great drinking now.

Hughes & Hughes Chardonnay notes

Derwent & Huon Valleys, Tas     Price: $32 (Bargain)     Source: Tasting at a mate’s place


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